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Downtime Bros is an independent news, reviews, and guidance website covering video games, movies, and TV. It was founded by brothers Joe Harby and Sam Harby in 2020 and is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

We are an OpenCritic-verified publication and trusted by millions of readers worldwide. From humble beginnings, Downtime Bros has experienced significant growth year-on-year to become a trusted and reliable source for gaming and entertainment-related content online.

We are proud to have been cited by many reputable outlets, including T3 and GAMINGbible. Now achieving hundreds of thousands of visitors per month and rising, Downtime Bros is fiercely committed to delivering accurate, high-quality content you can trust. In the age of generative Al and aggressive content farms, it is essential that creative and editorial integrity remain paramount.

At Downtime Bros, what you see is what you get. Real content, written by real people, with a real passion for the topics they are covering. More than two decades of knowledge, interest, and enthusiasm for video games and pop culture inspired us to create Downtime Bros. And that is what will continue to drive this website long into the future.

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Our Chief Editors

Downtime Bros Chief Editor Joe Harby.

Joe Harby

Joe is one of the editors and founders of Downtime Bros and an accredited critic. He has more than a decade of experience in journalism and communications. He is passionate about everything in the worlds of gaming, movies, and TV, as demonstrated by the countless words he has written about them. He is overly proud of his Bloodborne platinum trophy and plays too much Call of Duty.

Downtime Bros Chief Editor Sam Harby.

Sam Harby

Sam is one of the editors and founders of Downtime Bros and an accredited critic. As a lifelong fan of video games, his favourites are Metal Gear Solid and The Last of Us. With years of knowledge and critical analysis under his belt, he has written hundreds of articles - including news, guides, and reviews - covering video games, movies, TV, and pop culture.

Our Contributors

James Buxton, contributor at Downtime Bros.

James Buxton

James is a writer for Downtime Bros and an accredited critic. James has loved video games since he played Age of Empires as a kid. His personal favourite game is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and he spends most of his gaming time these days playing DMZ in Call of Duty: Warzone. He is also a huge sports fan and he classes himself as something of a sports game expert – particularly when it comes to F1, NHL and FIFA. 

Cameron Bennett, contributor at Downtime Bros.

Cameron Bennett

Cameron is an occasional contributor to Downtime Bros. He has long been interested in movies, pro wrestling, TV shows, and video games. Enjoying RPGs the most, he has over 500+ hours logged in Skyrim alone. Cameron describes himself as a 30 year old teenager who still thinks a mosh pit is a good idea. But, despite this, he has a keen mind for history and a good ear for music.

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