Our Rating System

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How does it work?


Our rating system is a straightforward one. It’s a 20-point scale. Video games, films, and TV shows reviewed on this website are awarded a numerical score out of 10, e.g. 7/10 or 9.5/10. Primarily, our scores are used to provide our readers with a quick indication of how we felt about a product. We recommend you read a review in full rather than looking at the score alone. Reviews will provide the necessary context and reasoning for understanding a score. Of course, you’re welcome to disagree – we enjoy the discourse. The world would be a boring place if we all thought the same.

For a breakdown of our individual scores and what they mean, please take a look at the table below and use the drop-down buttons.

Can you trust our reviews?


We are committed to providing honest reviews you can trust. We do not accept payment in exchange for certain scores. The reviews published by Downtime Bros are strictly opinion pieces. That means there is no hidden agenda or bias. Like everyone, our team have their own preferences when it comes to the entertainment and media they enjoy. So it’s important to remember that our opinions won’t always align with your own – that would be impossible. What we do promise, however, is that our reviews are factually accurate and based solely on quality and value for money. The first question we always ask ourselves when reviewing something is: “Is this worth our readers’ time?” Our main priority is to answer that question so you can make an informed decision about a product. 

The Scores

For a breakdown of our individual scores and what they mean, please take a look at the breakdown below.

Best of the best. No faults to speak of. An absolute must for everyone.
Top quality. A can’t miss product with very few minor faults.
Enjoyable. A product that isn’t perfect but offers a fun experience with few faults.
Worth a look. Not essential, but a product many will find enjoyment in. Notable faults that aren’t deal breakers.
Has potential but probably not for everyone. Positive qualities outweigh the bad, but negatives could turn people off.
Just OK. Nothing remarkable. Perhaps worth a try owing to a couple of positives, but has some serious faults.
Not recommended. May have one or two fine elements that are dwarfed by negatives. Most won’t enjoy.
Avoid. Countless errors outweigh any good. Perhaps a promising concept poorly executed. Not worth paying for.
Embarrassing. Nothing positive to note. Not fit for full release.
Shouldn’t have been made. Worthless, no skill involved, persistent and obvious faults. Avoid at all costs.