Lucia and her partner in GTA 6. Game News Games

GTA 6 website updated, new screenshots incoming

Fresh details about Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) could be with us imminently, including brand new screenshots of the hotly-anticipated game. As spotted by X account @GTAVI_Countdown, Rockstar has apparently been updating its website to make room for additional GTA 6 content. This includes space for four screenshots, as shown below. So far, all […]

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer nuked by player in Fallout 76

After a PR nightmare for Sony last week, Microsoft has followed suit with the news that they’re closing four studios and laying off hundreds of employees. Now, gamers are seemingly showing their frustration in one of Microsoft’s flagship games: Fallout 76. Understandably, gamers, journalists, and industry professionals have lambasted the decision by Xbox to cut […]

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Assassin’s Creed Red gameplay reveal coming at Ubisoft Forward in June

Gameplay from the next instalment in the long-running franchise, Assassin’s Creed Red, will be revealed at the Ubisoft Forward event in June according to a report from Insider Gaming. “Speaking with sources, it’s understood that content creators and the press will get hands-on during the week of Summer Games Fest, with the preview embargo lifting […]

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Call of Duty x Fallout crossover could be in the works

Call of Duty has embraced crossovers with other media franchises in recent years, including Tomb Raider and Diablo. However, dataminers have seemingly uncovered information that hints at three more in the works, including a Fallout crossover. Posting to X, @CODWarfareForum shared a screenshot of three files (apparently from Call of Duty‘s game data) that include […]