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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve Central Hall Door Puzzle

Central Hall door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide explains how to solve the Central Hall door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

After months of waiting, Hogwarts Legacy has arrived on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The game is proving to be a massive hit with Potter fans as they eagerly get stuck into life at the legendary school.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players join the eponymous school as a fifth-year student in the 1890s. The game is set a whole century before the Harry Potter novels and films. And this allows it to tell its own story about “a dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world.”

Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive RPG that allows players to experience life as a real student. You can create your own witch or wizard, pick your own wand, and even choose one of Hogwarts’ four houses.

Once you’ve settled into the mythical school of witchcraft and wizardry, you are free to explore, attend classes, learn spells, and discover everything the Wizarding World has to offer.

Arithmancy door puzzle cheat sheet
Arithmancy sheet

Critics and fans have given the game a great reception. It offers many puzzles to solve, challenges to complete, and enemies to defeat.

One of the first puzzles you will encounter in Hogwarts Legacy are its enigmatic arithmancy puzzle doors.

These special locked rooms are dotted all around the castle and require a bit of brain power to solve. Thankfully, they are pretty easy once you know how.

Let’s go over how to solve the arithmancy door puzzle in Central Hall in Hogwarts Legacy

How To Solve Central Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many door puzzles to find around Hogwarts. And they require an understanding of ‘arithmancy’ to solve.

Arithmancy is the study of the magical properties of numbers. As such, opening the special locked doors requires some mathematical problem solving.

At first, they are a complete mystery. However, once you discover the arithmancy ‘cheat sheet’, things become much simpler.

To open the doors, players must find two missing numbers in two separate math puzzles. Each puzzle consists of three numbers or corresponding symbols that add up to the sum total in the middle.

How To Solve Central Hall Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy
The first dial.

This is how to solve the Central Hall door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy:

Turn the two dials to match up with the symbols below –

  • ? = Spider (8)
  • ?? = Three-headed Dragon (3)
Hogwarts Legacy How To Solve Central Hall Door Puzzle
The second dial.

N.B. The ?? dial is located on the floor above the door. Turn around, go up the stairs, turn left at the top, then turn left again up another staircase.

Once you have set both dials to the correct symbol, return to the door and it will open.

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