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League of Legends pro suspended after ‘inappropriate’ behaviour with teddy bear

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Credit: Riot Games

A professional League of Legends player has been suspended for two matches and lost out on two-months worth of salary after he seemingly humped a large stuffed bear on stream.

Lu ‘Leyan’ Jue, a 21-year-old Chinese Invictus Gaming pro, will not be able to play in the first two best-of-three matches of the LPL Summer Split.

Riot Games deemed Leyan’s behaviour, in which he mimicked sexual actions on the stuffed animal, as “inappropriate”. They subsequently fined the player and his team roughly $6,900 and $2,760 respectively.

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Credit: Riot Games

In an official statement on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Invictus Gaming said: “Recently, Lu Jue (ID: Leyan), a player of the League of Legends branch of the iG E-Sports Club, made inappropriate words and deeds many times during the live broadcast, which caused extensive discussions on the Internet and caused adverse effects. The club educated and criticized him, and made the decision to deduct two months of salary from player Lu Jue (ID: Leyan), and accept all penalties decided by the League of Legends Professional Events Disciplinary Management Team.”

If this wasn’t bad enough, Leyan is also accused of promising to vape on stage after their next loss, something that’s banned in the LPL.

While he hasn’t addressed his suspension directly, Leyan did comment on the on-stream incident with the teddy bear.

“It’s not what everyone thinks. The bear was too big. The music in the headphones was rocking at that time. I just thought the bear was cute, so I hugged it and shook it,” he said on Weibo.

Now, if you ask me, that sounds like the sort of thing that someone who got caught humping a teddy bear might say.

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