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MW3 Zombies: Essence of Aether container locations

Artwork for MW3 Zombies.

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This Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (MW3) Zombies guide details all container locations in the Essence of Aether mission.

MW3 Zombies (MWZ) marks the greatest departure from the established CoD Zombies formula in its 15-year history. Shifting away from the round-based experience players are familiar with has allowed Zombies to place increased emphasis on missions and loot.

Split across three story acts, MWZ’s missions are divided into tiers and send players to all corners of Urzikstan to complete objectives. Some missions are relatively straightforward while others require you to find specific unmarked items.

One mission like this is Essence of Aether, which is a Tier 3 mission in Act II. It requires players to collect Essence Samples from three containers in different locations.

However, only general locations for the containers are provided by the mission description. So, where are they? Check out all the details below.

Essence of Aether container locations in MW3 Zombies

Hamza Bazaar container location

The Aether container at Hamza Bazaar can be found at map coordinates H6 inside a small oval shaped building at the centre of the bazaar (see screenshots below). Enter the building and the Aether container will be sat on a countertop.

Hamza Bazaar container location on the map in MWZ.
Location on the map.
Aether container inside Hamza Bazaar.
Hamza Bazaar container.

Rostova Shops container location

The Aether container at Rostova Shops is inside a large building at map coordinates C3 that can be found southwest of Legacy’s Fortress (see screenshots below). Head to the northwest side of the building and the container will be sat on top of a desk.

Rostova Shops container location in MWZ.
Location on the map.
Container at Rostova Shops in MWZ.
Rostova Shops container.

Quadri Shopping Center container location

The container at Quadri Shopping Center is located at map coordinates C6 and is inside a small food booth. It is next to the cash register on a countertop (see screenshots below).

Container location on the map at Quadri Shopping Center.
Location on the map.
The Aether container at Quadri Shopping Center in MWZ.
Quadri Shopping Center container.

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