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Warzone: How to get a Covert Exfil in Battle Royale Preview

Phillip Graves after you win a Covert Exfil in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Credit: Activision

This Call of Duty: Warzone guide explains how to get a Covert Exfil in Battle Royale Preview.

Battle Royale Preview is a brand new game mode that Activision has added to Call of Duty: Warzone.

It is designed to enable developer Raven Software to test new features for Battle Royale with players without it impacting the standard mode.

The new mode is available to play now, and it currently includes two unique features that are being tested and previewed. They are Covert Exfil and the Weapon Case.

Naturally, players are keen to know more about what these features do and how they work.

Having played Battle Royale Preview for ourselves, we’ve experienced everything it has to offer. So, allow us to explain everything you need to know about Covert Exfil – including how to get one.

What is a Covert Exfil in Warzone?

Covert Exfil is a new feature currently being tested in the Battle Royale Preview mode. It is a secondary win condition for battle royale that allows players to call in a heavy chopper for extraction at any time.

Once a Covert Exfil has been called in, the landing zone will be marked on the map with a green flare. Nearby enemies will also be notified and can intercept and steal the exfil if they are able to.

Battle Royale Preview mode in the Warzone menu.
Battle Royale Preview mode in the menu.

Successful extractions can be tracked on a dedicated leaderboard. While extractions are considered a Warzone “victory”, they are not classified as a standard last-player-standing victory.

Activision has confirmed that squad members unable to make it to the exfil in time will remain in the game. Any squad members who successfully exfil will remain in the game as spectators.

This new feature has been introduced to compliment the Weapon Case, which unlocks rewards for players who successfully extract it.

Ideally, players will capture the Weapon Case and escape from the map via the exfil chopper.

How to get a Covert Exfil in Battle Royale Preview

Players must purchase a Covert Exfil from a buy station. It costs $30,000 and only five are available for purchase in total per match.

Covert Exfil at the buy station in Call of Duty: Warzone.
Purchase the Covert Exfil at a buy station.

Exfils are not available once the gulag has closed. Once you have called in the exfil, a 90-second countdown will begin and an “Exfil Chopper Inbound” message will appear on-screen.

A blue map marker will be visible on the tac-map, indicating where you need to go to extract from Urzikstan.

Covert Exfil chopper coming into land in Warzone Battle Royale Preview.
Covert Exfil chopper landing in Battle Royale Preview.

You should be prepared for heavy fighting at the exfil site as other players attempt to stop you from extracting or steal it for themselves.

It’s best to take your time on the approach and check your surroundings carefully. Once onboard the chopper, use trophy systems to stop any grenades or semtex that is thrown your way.

Escaping on the Covert Exfil chopper.
Escaping on the exfil chopper.

We also recommend using smoke grenades to disguise your position aboard the chopper. When the countdown reaches zero, the chopper will slowly take off and take you out of the map.

A unique cutscene featuring Phillip Graves will play and a “Successful Extraction” screen will appear.

What are your thoughts on the Covert Exfil feature? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our other gaming articles.


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