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Warzone: How to get Ray Gun in Fortune’s Keep – easter egg guide

The Ray Gun in Fortune's Keep - Call of Duty Warzone

This guide explains how to get the Ray Gun in Call of Duty: Warzone in Fortune’s Keep.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 is underway and fans are getting stuck into everything the new season has to offer.

The Ray Gun is one of the most iconic weapons in CoD history. Introduced in the original Zombies map, Nacht der Untoten, in the incomparable Call of Duty: World at War, the Ray Gun was the first Wonder Weapon. Since then, it has gained a reputation for being one of the most powerful guns in the entire series.

Season 2 saw the return of the Fortune’s Keep map for the Resurgence game mode. As part of the map’s return, the Ray Gun has been reintroduced by way of a secret easter egg.

To get the Ray Gun, all fans need to do is complete the relatively simple platforming platforming easter egg. The Wonder Weapon is then all theirs for the rest of the game (or until the 20-round magazine runs out).

So, let’s go over how to get the Ray Gun in Warzone in Fortune’s Keep…

How to get the Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune’s Keep – Easter Egg guide

To get the Ray Gun in Warzone, enter a Resurgence game at Fortune’s Keep and follow the steps below:

1 – Drop in at the Ground Zero POI.

How to get the Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune's Keep - Ground Zero

2 – Enter the hole in the ground and head into the underground facility. Follow the corridor round and look for a set of white double-doors.

Hole in the ground at Ground Zero

3 – Go through the doors and then turn left in the direction of the Loading Bay and Production.

Underground facility at Fortune's Keep

4 – At the end of the corridor, go up the stairs, look to the right for the ‘Sec B’ blast doors – a red light highlights where to go. Jump onto the white crate in front of the doors and go through the gap to the other side.

How to get the Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune's Keep - Sec B

5 – Walk over to the pool – there are crates in the water and metal beams. Jump between these to activate three switches: One to the right, one straight ahead, and one round the corner on the left.

How to get the Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune's Keep - electrified pool

6 – The first switch is on the right, next to the first crate in the pool.

Ray Gun easter egg - Switch 1

7 – The second switch is straight ahead, you need to jump onto and walk across the metal beams to reach it.

Ray Gun easter egg - Switch 2

8 – The third switch is round the corner to the left, walk across the beam and jump over to the platform.

Ray Gun easter egg - Switch 3

9 – With the electricity turned off, return to the area opposite the first switch. You will notice there is green light emanating from under the water where a set of stairs descend.

Swim under the water, go down and through the tunnel before coming up on the other side. In the next room, go through the corner and turn left up the stairs into the secret Hazard Room.

How to get the Ray Gun in Warzone Fortune's Keep - underwater

10 – In the Hazard Room, you will find the Ray Gun on a desk in the middle of the room.

Ray Gun in Hazard Room - Fortune's Keep

To the back left corner, there is also a secret note with some interesting information.

And there you have it – now you know how to get the Ray Gun in Warzone in Fortune’s Keep. The Ray Gun is capable of one-shot downing enemy Operators; however, it also deals splash damage in close proximity.

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