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Warzone meta: Best CoD Warzone loadout (May 2024)

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We’re now into May 2024 and Season 3 Reloaded of Call of Duty: Warzone. Countless players have been getting stuck into the latest seasonal update and checking out everything it has to offer. Of course, the fact remains that with such a large number of players comes a high level of competition. And every single player wants to gain an edge over their opponents – myself included. That’s where the Warzone meta (most effective tactics available) comes in.

Meta guns in Warzone are the ones that give you the biggest advantage thanks to a combination of superior damage output and accuracy.

The meta constantly changes due to regular weapon balancing updates that are released to level the playing field. However, one (or a few) weapons always come out on top and become player favourites.

As players will know, MW3 brought with it many new guns to try out. And more guns were added as part of Season 3. There are lots of weapons to test on the battlefield in Urzikstan, but some definite favourites have emerged. Each one has its own pros and cons; however, as always, some are better than others.

With Warzone Season 3 in Modern Warfare III well underway, I was keen to know what the Warzone meta is. So, after experimenting with different weapons and loadouts and learning about what’s currently hot in the CoD community, I have decided on our top picks. You can check out my selections for the May 2024 Warzone meta below – hopefully this also helps you gain an advantage.

Call of Duty Warzone Meta Explained

Before I discuss the current Warzone meta, it’s important to mention that what works best for me won’t necessarily work best for you.

It’s dependent on a number of factors including your play style, experience with different weapon classes, and unlocked attachments.

Often, if you don’t have everything unlocked for the “meta” gun and simply don’t have time to grind the attachments, you’re best going for something that you do have everything unlocked for.

With that said, it is always worth levelling weapons up to unlock all the necessary meta attachments if you’re serious about winning in Warzone. If you don’t, you’re putting yourself at a serious disadvantage.

What is the Warzone meta right now (Season 3 Reloaded)?

As of May 2024 and Season 3 Reloaded, my picks for the current Warzone metas are the Striker 9, DG-58 LSW and MCW.

Note: The Striker 9 is listed in a separate section of this article; however, it also makes for a fantastic primary choice.

Warzone Meta – May 2024

Best Assault Rifle/Battle Rifle/LMG

Best DG-58 LSW Loadout

The meta loadout for the DG-58 LSW in Warzone features the following attachments:

Barrel – WUDI Long Barrel

Muzzle – VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor

Optic – Corio Eagleseye 2.5x

Stock – Recoil Reduction Buttplate

Underbarrel – Bruen Heavy Support Grip

DG-58 LSW in MW3 and Warzone.
DG-58 LSW.

Best MCW Loadout

The meta loadout for the MCW in Warzone features the following attachments:

Barrel – Kimura Blackiron Heavy Short Barrel

Magazine – 40 Round Mag

Rear Grip – RB Rapidstrike Grip

Underbarrel – DR-6 Handstop

Conversion Kit – JAK Raven Kit

MCW in MW3 and Warzone.

Warzone Meta Guns – Secondary

In my view, effective secondary weapons that compliment the meta gun are integral to any good loadout. However, these guns are also great primary picks in their own right, especially the Striker 9 which is currently the meta SMG.

With the DG-58 LSW meta build (detailed above) focused on mid to long-range engagements, having an SMG in your secondary weapon slot to take care of close-quarters battles is a logical choice. These are the best secondary guns in Warzone right now:

Best SMG

Best Striker 9 Loadout

This is the best Striker 9 loadout in Warzone:

Muzzle – ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider

Stock – Striker Factory Stock

Underbarrel – XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

Magazine – 50 Round Drum

Rear Grip – Sakin ZX Grip

Striker 9 in MW3 and Warzone.
Striker 9.

Best WSP-9 Loadout

This is the best WSP-9 loadout in Warzone:

Muzzle – ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider

Barrel – HISS Short Light Barrel

Optic – JAK Glassless Optic

Underbarrel – XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop

Magazine – 40 Round Mag

WSP-9 in MW3.

Best Sniper

A sniper is another great secondary choice as it offers the ability to engage enemies over incredibly long distances.

Having at least one player in a squad running a sniper to compliment their squad mates’ closer range builds is a solid tactical choice for those who favour effective team play.

The sniper meta in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is the MORS.

Best MORS Loadout

Barrel – Tonne Heavy Barrel

Laser – SL Razorhawk Laser Light

Stock – Icarus Light Stock

Ammunition – HVP Anti-Materiel Slug

Rear Grip – OP-980 Grip

MORS sniper in MW3 and Warzone.

Best Perks

The Warzone meta isn’t limited to guns and equipment. It also includes perks. And there are a lot of new perks in the latest version of Warzone.

Perk combinations come down to personal preference and play-style, so it’s advisable to experiment and find what best suits you.

In Warzone, I think the the best perks right now are: Mountaineer, Double Time, Stalker, and Resolute. That said, it’s always worth testing a few different combinations out to find what suits you best.

Slot 4 also contains Ghost which is invaluable if you want to stay hidden hidden. Additionally, High Alert is a great choice as it will warn you when you’ve been spotted by an enemy.

Best Loadouts for Warzone Season 3 Reloaded

To summarise, below are a list of different Warzone meta loadout options that I’d recommend for May 2024…

The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Meta Loadout:

  1. DG-58 LSW + Striker 9 + Semtex + Smoke Grenade + Mountaineer + Double Time + Stalker + Resolute

Other top choices:

2. MCW + MORS + Semtex + Smoke Grenade + E.O.D + Double Time + Stalker + Ghost

3. Striker 9 + MORS + Thermite + Smoke Grenade + Mountaineer + Sleight of Hand + Stalker + High Alert

Best Resurgence Loadout Warzone

Resurgence is receiving increased attention in Warzone Season 3 thanks to the return of Rebirth Island. That means I had to consider its unique brand of fast-paced battle royale action.

With the pace of Resurgence differing so greatly from the classic battle royale mode, players need to equip themselves with a Resurgence specific loadout.

However, because of the current metas, I found the best loadout in standard Warzone also works perfectly well in Resurgence.

The best Resurgence loadout in Warzone: DG-58 LSW + Striker 9 + Semtex + Smoke Grenade + Mountaineer + Double Time + Stalker + Resolute

What do you think of my Warzone meta picks for May 2024? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our other gaming articles…


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