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Best DualSense Edge settings for Call of Duty Warzone

DualSense Edge wireless controller for PlayStation 5

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The DualSense Edge is the official pro controller for the PlayStation 5. Like products sold by SCUF and other manufacturers, the DualSense Edge promises to enhance your gameplay by offering additional buttons and extensive levels of customisation. But what are the best settings for the DualSense Edge in Call of Duty and Warzone?

Call of Duty is known for its fast-paced, snappy gameplay that warrants lightning quick reflexes. As a result, pro controllers that give you access to things like back paddles can make all the difference in a tense gunfight.

The reason for this is that additional back paddles allow players to complete certain actions without having to take their thumbs off the sticks. This means that they can continue to move and aim when they previously wouldn’t have been able to.

The beauty of the DualSense Edge (and other controllers like it) is that players can map buttons to their liking – this includes binding keys to the back paddles.

What’s more, the unprecedented level of customisability on the DualSense Edge also allows for further fine-tuning of things like stick deadzones and trigger sensitivity.

So, let’s take a look at the best settings for the DualSense Edge on Call of Duty and Warzone.

Best DualSense Edge settings and button layouts for Call of Duty Warzone

The best DualSense Edge settings below are split into two sections: button layouts and additional settings.

The former is where you will see the most noticeable differences. The latter should be used to fine-tune the controller to your play-style.

Please note, that if you’re going from the normal DualSense controller to the Edge, the additional paddles on the back of the controller can take some getting used to.

Button layout

The button layout below is the optimal setup for Call of Duty and Warzone:

Map Jump/Mantle (usually ‘X’) to the left paddle and Crouch/Prone/Slide to the right paddle (usually ‘Circle’ or ‘R3’).

DualSense Edge Call of Duty Warzone button layout

This configuration will allow you to jump, crouch, go prone, or slide while moving, aiming, and shooting.

When you have been ‘jump shotted’ by other players, this is the configuration they will be using, with the jump button mapped to one of the paddles on the back.

The Default Call of Duty layout has Crouch/Prone/Slide mapped to ‘Circle’ and Melee mapped to ‘R3’. However, many players opt for the Tactical button layout. This swaps those two around.

Whether you use Default or Tactical will change which button you need to map to the back paddle.

Of course, you can always swap the button assignments for the left and right paddles if that feels more comfortable for you.

Another alternative that is fairly common is to assign the Melee button to one of the paddles instead of Crouch/Prone/Slide. This allows for quick melee attacks and snappy mounting.

Advanced settings

The advances settings are much more down to personal preference; however, they are important to get right.

Stick Sensitivity/Deadzone

For sticks, set the Sensitivity curve to “Quick”. This is perfect for a fast paced game like Call of Duty that requires quick reaction times.

Leave “Curve adjustment” at 0.

DualSense Edge Call of Duty Warzone best settings

Deadzone adjustment is for setting the threshold at which input is detected on the sticks.

For best results, check if your controller is registering any input (“stick drift”) without touching the sticks. You can tell by looking at the line graph in the left corner. If it is, set the adjustment so that it negates this input – for me that was 2%.

Trigger Deadzone

Leave the Trigger Deadzone settings as is. Use the stop sliders on the back of the controller and set the L2/R2 stroke to the minimum setting.

This will allow you to aim and fire as quickly as possible.

Be sure to turn off “Trigger Effect Intensity” in the settings menu. While immersive for single player games, trigger effects are a disadvantage in multiplayer and Warzone.

DualSense Edge Call of Duty Warzone best settings

Finally, set “Vibration Intensity” to your preferred option. I left it on Strong as I don’t feel it impacts gameplay either way and provides a nice level of immersion. However, some players like to turn it off.

Did you find this DualSense Edge Call of Duty Warzone guide useful? What are your preferred settings? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our other gaming articles.


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